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Category: Religion & Spirituality

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Sight To The Blind is a weekly podcast hosted by Larry Johnson that explores the dark roots of our society and culture to expose deep secrets that remain untold. From esoteric symbolism, secret societies, global elites, and more, Larry uses a biblical perspective to uncover truth and understanding in the world around us.

Episode Date
#10: What's Trending
This world is heading towards judgment and what's trending on twitter is distracting you! Drake has a son, Tiger King, Hollywood telling you to stay in your house, they want you to believe that we are all in it together. The elites do not care about you and yes, they want you to be in this mess with them but they do not believe are one of them. They are pretending to suffer like you to attract you but they are not you! They are what's trending and what's trending isn't you, it's distracting you.  Next week we will not have a show because of the observance of Passover.  Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Apr 04, 2020
#9: Playtime Is Over
On this episode of Sight To The Blind, we are attempting to get you to see that you don't have much of an option anymore as to whether you want to stand on the sideline or get in the game. We are all be thrust into this sick and twisted game and you will soon hear them call your number. Prepare now because of we in the final stretch. Coronavirus, depopulation, elite pedophilia are all real and the masses will soon be taking the red pill. This episode is called "Playtime Is Over" and I share examples from my own life of how my life has been attempted on multiple occasions. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Mar 28, 2020
#8: Evil Protects Evil
The system as we know it is falling. The evil group of elite that have been ruling from the shadows and in Hollywood for decades are now being exposed. The system they have built around you and I has been cracked and it is crumbling down around them. COVID-19 whether real or not is being used as a cover. Something else is going on beneath the surface and you have to have the eyes to see it. The elite are being rounded up as CEOs mysteriously stepdown from their positions. What will happen when we are all on complete lockdown and communication is taken out? Where are your corrupt religious leaders? Where is the Pope? Where is Joel Osteen? Where is Creflo Dollar? Silent. But not here. No, today we dive in and expose how evil protects evil on Sight To The Blind. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Mar 21, 2020
#7: Spiritual Warfare
Today, we have a fun and interesting show planned for you. We are going to hit on many topics such as the coronavirus, predictive programing, the news, fear mongering, Chet Hanks, Tom Hanks, Floyd Mayweather, Kyle Kuzma, the Wade family and Harvey Weinstein. We tie these topics together as we pull from last weeks episode, "The Industry," and expound on the information as to how the industry is bring spiritual warfare to your doorsteps. These things are very real and we talk about it on this weeks episode, Spiritual Warfare. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Mar 14, 2020
#6: The Industry
The industry has many forms and faces. Some of these are fashion, music, sports, entertainment, politics and even religion. The key to understanding the blueprint for the future of these industries, you must look at where the money is coming from. Today we dive into the industries and who is running them. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Mar 07, 2020
#5: Truth, No Vaseline
On episode 5: Truth, No Vaseline, Larry talks about the different Jesus’ people worship as he exposes the Roman Jesus and reveals the Hebrew Jesus. What is the true nation of Israel? Where do the bloodline really come from? What is Satans scheme in todays world? Find out on this episode of Sight To The Blind. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7 CEPHER:
Feb 29, 2020
#4 Who Will You Serve
On episode 4 we discuss loyalties and where do they lie. We all must choose a side whether you like it or not. When we go through life our actions choose a team to play for, a side to stand with. Ignorance is not an excuse. Your indecision is a decision and it's not the right one. Who will you serve? Decide soon. Joshua 24:15 "And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7
Feb 22, 2020
#3: Hired Distractions
On episode 3: Hired Distractions, we talk about the parts of our culture and society that are strategically put into place to keep you distracted from the main agenda going on below the surface. From the XFL, to the Coronavirus to pushing celebrate family issues that are none of our business but are used to distract you from what’s really going on. Come down the rabbit hole and leave your glasses at home because we are giving sight to the blind. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7
Feb 15, 2020
#2: Super Feminism Bowl
On this episode of Sight To The Blind, Larry does a deep dive into the symbolism of the Super Bowl halftime show and how Satan uses it to manipulate peoples minds. He talks about how many parts of the show reflected our culture of extreme feminism and emasculating manhood. From sex trafficking that goes on at the Super Bowl to the athletes that are complicate in the cultural manipulation, Larry does not hold back for his second episode. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7
Feb 08, 2020
#1: Introduction
On this first episode of Sight To The Blind you are going to be introduced to the host Larry Johnson and what his motives are for starting this podcast. He talks about the different topics he will be touching on as time moves forward and also shares his personal life changing experiences that to lead him hitting rock bottom which put him on a new path of redemption. Email The Show: Twitter: @2LarryJohnson7 Instagram: 2LarryJohnson7
Feb 02, 2020