Inside the NYPD

By New York Police Department

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Inside the NYPD is the official podcast of the New York City Police Department.

Episode Date
Inside the NYPD - Police Lab: Criminalistics
Criminalists in the Police Laboratory in Queens, New York are part of a multi-stage process of collecting and examining evidence.
Feb 22, 2013
Inside the NYPD Winter 2011
An offshoot of the NYPD-Brooklyn Clergy Task Force helps grandmothers to protect their children, their neighbors and themselves.
Dec 06, 2011
Inside the NYPD - Police Lab: Latent Prints
Volume 2, Episode 10 - NYPD criminalists develop fingerprints to help identify and prosecute suspects.
Jul 06, 2011
Inside the NYPD April 2011
Police Laboratory, Pilot Volunteers in Ghana
Apr 11, 2011
Counterterror NYC - By National Geographic
A clip from the National Geographic documentary on NYPD anti-terror measures, culminating in the New Year's Eve countdown in Times Square. (TRT 0:30)
Feb 17, 2011
Inside the NYPD Jan. 2011
Active Shooter Report, Haiti One Year Later, New Officers
Jan 28, 2011
Inside the NYPD Nov. 2010
Police shootings are down; parcels plot; new K9 (7:14)
Nov 17, 2010
Inside the NYPD - UN General Assembly
Volume 2, Episode 9 - The NYPD has protected visiting dignitaries and the City during the United Nations General Assembly for decades. Here, a look at some of their tactics, tried and new. (5:44)
Nov 05, 2010
Inside the NYPD - Oct. 2010 - Midtown Security-UN General Assy
Midtown Security Initiative launches/UN General Assy package (7:46)
Oct 06, 2010
Inside the NYPD Aug. 2010
Pre-Ramadan conference; new recruits (6:50)
Aug 10, 2010
Inside the NYPD Summer 2010 (audio)
The Times Square Car Bomb; New Immigrant Outreach Unit (9:48)
Jun 25, 2010
Inside the NYPD - Anti Crime Unit (Midtown South)
Volume 2, Episode 8 - 'Plainclothes' officers in Midtown Manhattan talk about some of the work they do to catch criminals who steal from unsuspecting victims in the City's busiest shopping and tourist areas. (6:15)
Jun 25, 2010
President Barack Obama visited the Real Time Crime Center to thank first responders to the May 1 Times Square car bomb. He addressed members of the Department and was presented with an honorary NYPD jacket. (TRT 1:47)
May 13, 2010
Inside the NYPD (Spring 2010)
Safety during the Census; Department promotions; animal rescues. (TRT 8:12)
Apr 08, 2010
Inside the NYPD (Feb 2010)
Fearing for and saving lives: how the Haiti earthquake affected the NYPD. (TRT 6:28)
Feb 17, 2010
Inside the NYPD - Housing Bureau
Vol. 2, Episode 7 - More than 400,000 New Yorkers and their guests are served by NYPD Housing police officers, who work to reduce crime and enhance the quality of life for residents of public housing. (TRT 8:20)
Feb 10, 2010
Inside the NYPD - Inside the NYPD Gang Division
Volume 2, Episode 6 - Gang-motivated crime is low in New York City thanks to NYPD Gang Division officers who suppress and investigate gang activity, as well as educate others on how to identify it. (TRT 5:35 mins)
Nov 13, 2009
Inside the NYPD (October 2009)
Securing Lower and Midtown Manhattan, Chief of Detectives, RIP K9 Taz (8:13 mins)
Oct 15, 2009
Inside the NYPD (UNGA Protection)
How the NYPD Protects NYC during the United Nations General Assembly (5:26 mins)
Sep 25, 2009
Inside the NYPD (High Holy Days Briefing)
Excerpts from the NYPD's High Holy Days briefing for the Jewish community in NYC. (9:42)
Sep 18, 2009
Inside the NYPD (Aug/Sept 2009)
NYPD ESU Heroes of the Month, Dancing Traffic Agent, Steel Pan Band (8:13 mins)
Sep 16, 2009
Inside the NYPD (Aug 18 2009)
Pre-Ramadan Briefing at Police Headquarters (8:47 mins)
Aug 18, 2009
Inside the NYPD - Inside the NYPD Transit Bureau
Volume 2, Episode 5 - While ridership is at an all-time high, the NYC subway system is the safest it's been in history. Ride the rails with NYPD Transit police officers, and learn why. (TRT 11 mins)
Aug 07, 2009
Inside the NYPD (Jul 14 2009)
New Class of Police Recruits is Sworn (5:26 mins)
Jul 16, 2009
Inside the NYPD (Jun/Jul 2009)
Juvenile Robbery Intervention Program; Cricket & soccer leagues; RIP Officer Edwards (8:45 mins)
Jul 06, 2009
Volume 2, Episode 4 - NYPD Traffic Enforcement Agents put their lives on the double yellow line to ensure the flow of traffic and the public's safety on city streets. (TRT 7:00)
May 12, 2009
Inside the NYPD (May 2009)
Record-low declines in crime; Women's History Month; counterfeit handbag bust; hybrid patrol cars (7:36 mins)
May 05, 2009
Volume 2, Episode 3 - The first responders to the January 15 US Airways plane crash recall the afternoon that a passenger jet landed in the Hudson River, from rescue to recovery. (TRT 8:56 mins)
Feb 20, 2009
Inside the NYPD (01-05-2009)
Mumbai lessons learned; Multicultural training for recruits (8:22 mins)
Jan 05, 2009
Volume 2, Episode 2 - More than 1,100 men and women graduated the Police Academy on Dec. 30. Here, veteran and rookie officers across commands discuss their reasons for selecting the NYPD as a career path. (TRT 4:17 mins)
Dec 29, 2008
Inside the NYPD Highway Patrol Unit
Volume 2, Episode 1 - NYPD Highway officers keep traffic moving, prevent and investigate accidents, provide dignitary escorts and cover hundreds of miles throughout the five boroughs. (TRT 7:35 mins)
Nov 20, 2008
Inside the NYPD Emergency Service Unit
Episode 10 - When the public needs help, they call the police. When the police need help, they call ESU. Get a glimpse into the work of the elite NYPD Emergency Service Unit. (TRT 7:48 mins)
Sep 25, 2008
Inside the NYPD (09-05-2008)
Preparations for Ramadan / rescue above Times Square / remembering a beloved TEA. (9:02 mins.)
Sep 05, 2008
Inside the NYPD Police Academy
Episode 9 - From fitness to firearms, a lot goes in to preparing New York's Finest. Featuring the July 2008 class, instructors and recruiters. (TRT 7:14 mins)
Jul 17, 2008
Inside the NYPD (07-08-2008)
NYPD Graduation; Green Machines; New police officers, and new hybrid vehicles, take to the streets. (6:43 mins.)
Jul 11, 2008
Inside the NYPD Domestic Violence Unit
Episode 8 - With collaboration and compassion, NYPD domestic violence prevention officers are helping to save lives. (TRT 6:15 mins)
May 14, 2008
The Pope Comes to New York
A montage of moments from the New York City Police Department's security coverage during the three-day visit of Pope Benedict XVI. (4:14 mins.)
Apr 21, 2008
Inside the NYPD (03-24-2008)
The Legacy of the Pipes and Drums: Listen to the famed New York City Police Department Emerald Society Pipes and Drums band. (12 mins.)
Mar 25, 2008
Inside the NYPD - Episode 7
Episode 7: The Bomb Squad - With extreme caution, protective suits and keen canines, these detectives defuse high-risk situations to keep the public safe. (7:00 mins)
Mar 03, 2008
Inside the NYPD (01-18-2008)
Police Academy Graduates and Recruits Most Diverse in City: New police officers and recruits start the New Year, Operation Impact doubles in size. (7:18 mins.)
Jan 18, 2008
Inside the NYPD - Episode 6
Episode 6: The Aviation Unit - From aerial patrols to rescues at sea, the police-pilots of the New York City Police Department rise to the occasion. (8:00 mins.)
Jan 14, 2008
Inside the NYPD - Episode 5
Episode 5: NYPD Mounted Unit - New York City Police Department horses and their officers take you through equine training and patrol in New York City. (7:19 mins.)
Nov 02, 2007
Inside the NYPD (10-31-2007)
Nightlife Safety, Central Park Station House, Awards: Best practices for bars/clubs, plus a new station house in Central Park and officers who go above and beyond.
Oct 31, 2007
Inside the NYPD (10-01-2007)
NYPD SHIELD Conference: From Columbine to Counter Terrorism - preventing attacks in schools through information exchange.
Oct 01, 2007
Inside the NYPD - Episode 4
Episode 4: The Counter Terrorism Division - created by Police Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly in the months after 9/11, this specialized unit defeats the threat with advanced technology and active teamwork. (7:30 mins.)
Oct 01, 2007
Inside the NYPD (08-20-2007)
Remembering Det. Timoshenko/Welcome Officer Walter
Aug 20, 2007
Inside the NYPD - Episode 3
Episode 3: The K9 Unit - On patrol and on the trail with four-legged Finest and their partners. (7:56 mins)
Aug 06, 2007
Inside the NYPD - Episode 2
Episode 2: An expedition into police work and fellowship with the Finest. (5:56 mins)
Jul 06, 2007
Inside the NYPD - Episode 1
Meet the Harbor and SCUBA Units of New York's Finest, and see them in action during Fleet Week 2007. (6:48 mins)
Jun 05, 2007
Inside the NYPD (06-29-2007)
Hip-hop artist Wyclef Jean on policing the community, and more.
Jun 29, 2007
Inside the NYPD (05-31-2007)
Remembering two NYPD officers, plus boating tips from the Harbor Unit
May 31, 2007
Inside the NYPD (04-30-2007)
A facility for the Finest, bravery in the Bronx, and the NYPD's new chaplain.
Apr 30, 2007
Inside the NYPD (03-29-2007)
The NYPD's volunteer officers, and the mission to get guns off of the street.
Mar 30, 2007
Inside the NYPD (02-16-2007)
How the Department develops its senior leadership.
Feb 17, 2007
Inside the NYPD (01-12-2007)
Inside The NYPD.
Jan 12, 2007
Inside the NYPD (10-19-2006)
Inside The NYPD.
Oct 19, 2006
Inside the NYPD (10-05-2006)
Inside The NYPD.
Oct 05, 2006
Inside the NYPD (08-17-2006)
The NYPD Responds to a Terrorist Plot to Blow Up Transatlantic Airliners.
Aug 17, 2006
Inside the NYPD (07-13-2006)
The One Of a Kind Real Time Crime Center/ Expert Police Driving Instructors."
Jul 17, 2006
Inside the NYPD (06-26-2006)
The NYPD's Campaign Against Illegal Fireworks /Police Officers Who Have Served in the Military in Iraq and Afghanistan
Jun 26, 2006
Inside the NYPD (05-01-2006)
NYPD's Fight Against Illegal Guns
May 01, 2006
Inside the NYPD (04-28-2006)
Tips for April 29 Peace March
Apr 28, 2006
Inside the NYPD (04-18-2006)
The .38 Caliber Revolver as a Service Weapon / The Centennial of the Chaplain's Unit / Safeguard Your Home While on Vacation
Apr 18, 2006
Inside the NYPD (04-06-2006)
Two of New York's Finest: Dispatcher Modesto Muniz and Police Officer Maria Ayala
Apr 06, 2006
Inside the NYPD (03-27-2006)
Mar 27, 2006
Inside the NYPD (11-01-2005)
Gang Members / Immigration Unit / NYC Marathon
Nov 01, 2005
Inside the NYPD (10-28-2005)
Halloween safety tips / Street Closure Information
Oct 28, 2005
Inside the NYPD (10-26-2005)
How the NYPD uses DNA / Profiles of Terrorist Methods / Street Closure Information
Oct 26, 2005
Inside the NYPD (10-21-2005)
Protect your car from being stolen / What to do in an accident / Street closure information
Oct 21, 2005
Inside the NYPD (10-11-2005)
Burglary Prevention Tips / Counter Terrorism Expert Rohan Gunaratna / Street Closure Information
Oct 11, 2005
Special Edition: An interview with Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
An interview with Commissioner Raymond W. Kelly
Oct 03, 2005
Inside the NYPD (9-26-2005 12 PM EDT)
The latest news from the NYPD.
Sep 26, 2005
Inside the NYPD (9-20-2005 12 PM EDT)
The latest news from the NYPD.
Sep 20, 2005
Inside the NYPD (9-13-2005 10 PM EDT)
The latest news from the NYPD.
Sep 14, 2005