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By Pedro Adao

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Category: Management & Marketing

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Welcome to the 100X podcast hosted by Pedro Adao. The #1 Community For Kingdom Entrepreneurs. Join With other on-fire believers from all over the world, who know they are called to Expand the Kingdom By prospering in Life and in Business.

Episode Date
Kingdom Business is your Ministry

For many years Pedro felt like he could never truly be himself anywhere. At church, he was the spiritual Pedro, and in then there was the entrepreneur business side of Pedro at work. Both were real, but not both were accepted everywhere he went. 

If you have ever felt this way, listen in as Pedro shares how he learned to bridge this gap and embrace his business as Son and be a true Kingdom Entrepreneur.
Dec 17, 2018
Saving Money as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

Crypto cash, stocks, investments, mutual funds, the list goes on and on for how the world saves money and increases wealth but as Kingdom Entrepreneurs maybe we need to look at things differently.

Today Pedro Adao shares with 100X Acceleration about the difference between saving and sowing.

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Dec 14, 2018
How to Stay Focused as a Kingdom Entrepreneur

There are many obstacles you will have to overcome in your entrepreneurial journey.

Some obstacles are really attacks from the enemy. Today Pedro Adao will talk about one way that Satan attacks all Entrepreneurs and will teach you how to overcome and be vigilant to protect your entrepreneurial grace with some practical Kingdom advice.

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Dec 10, 2018
The Surprise Doorway to Your Next Promotion

Today Pedro Adao dives back into purpose vs assignment to get more specific (if you missed that episode click here to listen

From the road, he will share how God often times will use our emotions to direct us and even lead us to our next level of favor and promotion. 
Dec 07, 2018
The Only 3 Things You Need To Launch Your Business

Have you ever wanted to start a business?

Maybe you are new to being an entrepreneur and don't know the practical steps to get your offer off the ground.

If that is you, then listen to today's episode as Pedro Adao shares the 3 things you need to launch your business.

In less then six minutes you will go from having a dream in your heart to having the Kingdom knowledge and principles to get your offer out there and start getting your first clients.

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Dec 05, 2018
The Power of Kingdom Partnership - How to know if you are equally yoked

If you have been in business for any amount of time you have probably attempted to have a partnership along the way. There is also a good chance that partnership ended poorly.

Strategic partnerships are so important in the Kingdom. We are called to be in deep community in all eares of our life including business. But how do you know how to choose the right partner?
Today Pedro Adao will show you the power of kingdom partnerships and how to know if you are equally yoked.
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Dec 03, 2018
Humility As A Kingdom Entrepreneur
Is there a difference between self-promotion and good marketing? Is self-promotion a sin? Doesn't God oppose the proud? All these questions and more have probably crossed your mind if you are a Christian Entrepreneur. Let's face it, self-promotion and staying humble is not a black and white issue, it seems like there is a fine line you have to walk... or is there? 
Listen in as Pedro Adao speaks to the 100x Acceleration class about his current revelation on humility in business based on a prophetic word he received. 
Staying humble for any believer is important, but for a Kingdom Entrepreneur, it may be the most important thing to your success. In this episode, you will hear about how a conversation with Kris Vallotton and Shawn Bolz set Pedro free from an unhealthy mindset about self-promotion and how promotion needs to be used in different ways according to what mountain of influence you are called to.   
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Nov 27, 2018
Your Gift Really Will Make Room For You

As Kingdom Entrepreneurs, we have to do business differently than the world.

The world talks about "putting the customer first" but rarely does the world follow through. What does loving well and putting the customer first look like in the Kingdom? Sometimes it looks like putting a knife to your own throat just like King Soloman said.
(See Proverbs 23:2)
Are you willing to put the customer first even if it means they get the better deal? If you make less money?
If on paper it doesn't make sense? Loving your customers well is easier said than done. However, if you are diligent in your works God will make sure you stand before Kings. 
(See Proverbs 22:29)
In the Kingdom of God, when you put the customer first, you will always end up with the better deal. 
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Nov 10, 2018
Who is your who?

Today in 100x Acceleration Pedro Adao asks the question "Who is your who?"

To find success as a Kingdom Entrepreneur we must first find our favor. 
As believers, we know that God is The King and he is the one who gives us our favor. So, what is the thing that our King values the most? Time and time again in the Bible we see that our King values his people above all else.
With that in mind doesn't it makes sense that our favor lies within the people? So, who is your who? How do you find them? Listen in on Pedro's personal story of how he found his who, in his business and 100x and gained favor.
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Nov 09, 2018
What's your one thing?

Today in the 100x Acceleration class Pedro Adao ask the question "What's your one thing?" 

The world will tell you that as an Entrepreneur you should try to be all things to all people. If you cast a wide net you will catch a lot of fish right?


As a Kingdom Entrepreneur, we each have an appointed field that God is calling us to. You can step into that field by following your favor, coming out of the scarcity mindset and carving your niche so tight that only you can fit in it.

If you're the only one doing your one thing your way then no one can compete with you. Carving your niche so tight will free your mind from the comparison game and get your heart focused back on His Kingdom and will lead you into true abundance. 

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Nov 08, 2018
What is in your hand?


Today in 100x Acceleration Pedro asks the question "What is in your hand?" 

As Kingdom Entrepreneurs, we have everything we need to succeed in our hands right now. It is easy to think that if we had X, Y, and Z THEN we will be successful.

But the truth is God can get us where ever he wants us to be. 

Just like in the Bible the Prophet Elisha went to the widow and asked "What is in your house?" and the Widow replied "Nothing". We know as the story goes on that her response wasn't true. In her home, she had a jar of oil that she pre-judged to be worthless. But in reality what she judges as "Nothing" God multiplied and made abundant so the widow could add value to others.

(See 2 Kings 4:1-7) 

Just like the widow, all we have to do is the 1%, God will do the 99%.

So, what is in your hand?



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Nov 07, 2018
Healthy Heart Motives in Business
Today Pedro Adao will share the importance of having healthy heart motives as a Kingdom Entrepreneur. 
When Pedro was young he tried to make money as fast as he could to prove to his Father that he was a son to be proud of. This path led him to failure, thousands of dollars in debt, depression and almost cost him his life. The pursuit of wealth was not what led him to a dark place. It was years of ignoring a heart wound that was spilling over into his business life.
Money, success, achievements or promotion will never solve your heart wounds.
As a Kingdom Entrepreneur, you have to be willing to constantly have your heart examined to find success. If your heart is not aligned with the Fathers you will never live up to your full potential.
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Nov 06, 2018
Purpose Vs. Assignment
Finding your purpose in life can be confusing. Of course, you want the will of God to be done in your life but why does it feel like you're not going anywhere? Have you ever wondered if maybe you are taking the wrong approach to your purpose? 
Today Pedro Adao dives into finding your purpose as a Kingdom Entrepreneur. As believers, our purpose is Romans 8:29 " For those God foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers and sisters"
If we believe this verse is true then we should forget what our purpose is and try to find our assignment. 
Learn how to start finding your assignment, free yourself from the mental exhaustion of wasting time, and hear how Pedro found his assignment through 100x and so much more in today's episode.
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Nov 05, 2018
What is 100x?

Welcome to the 100x Podcast. Are you ready to join the #1 community for Kingdom Entrepreneurs? Then you came to the right place. 

In episode one, listen in on host Pedro Adao's 100x Masterclass. He answers questions about his past, how he started 100x, how to build God's Kingdome though business and more. 

To learn more go to www.100xacademy.com.



Oct 05, 2018